Nichola Souelias

Architecture to wear
Nichola Souelias

Founded by Nikolas Stamatiadis and Chryssi Ouzounis in 2019, the duo’s journey started long before that.

From the London School of Architecture and a career in luxury brands, to a chance meeting in the Netherlands, it became apparent that the connection was creative at heart.

While Nikolas has been involved in many renowned and statement buildings in the  Middle East, he has also been developing sketchbooks with concepts and jewels of unique beauty. Chryssi was versed in luxury brands, top tear corporate tactics and celebrity glitter. It was only natural to put it together to what is now an emerging jewellery brand, unique and full of character.

Nichola Souelias is all about high jewellery, precious objects and accessories, pieces of fabulous craftsmanship. The designs focus on eye-catching pieces exuding inventive Architectural minimalism and intrinsic geometry.

For the debut collection “ALIF”, the brand uses of 18K gold in custom alloys of rose, white and yellow jewels, involving the use of diamonds and precious stones.

Amongst all the standout jewellery pieces of Architectural Futurism in the collection is the extraordinary bracelet with geometric shapes reminiscent of Torre Agbar in Barcelona, Al Bahar Towers in Abu Dhabi, and The Gherkin in London as well as the “Pods” of London Eye.

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